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NOTE: This add-on is still in beta testing.  It has been pretty thoroughly tested, but it is still possible for users to create "stupid rules". As a Master Looter, if you are not prepared to deal with the circumstances of loot possibly getting incorrectly looted during your raids, then DO NOT USE ANY LOOT RULES with this add-on.  I am not responsible for any misdirected loot; therefore, you use this add-on at your own peril.


 is a MasterLoot replacement and advanced looting add-on with a goal of making loot distribution painless for raid leaders and raiders alike. Typical uses include auto-looting for commonly collected guild items, such as Class Rune Fragments. It provide following added functions:

  • Deferred Master Loot Window (So it doesn't pop up during combat),
  • Smaller and Cleaner Master Loot window for both raiders and raid leaders,
  • Automatic loot assignment based on configurable rules,
  • Multiple Rule Sets,
  • Completely customizable rules,
  • "Random" loot assignment option for master looter
  • "Roll Off" loot assignment option for automated /roll off

How does the Deferred Master Loot Window work?

Whenever loot happens, instead of spamming your with a huge Master Loot window. FasterLootPlus will display the "Deferred" window at the center top of your screen. Simply click this button to open the Master Loot window. If the Master Loot Window is already open, it will stay open. If not, you will get the Deferred window instead.  No more having to move the Master Loot window off to the side!

What does the Master Loot Window Look like?

The new Master Loot window has been designed to be smaller and present better details about the loot that dropped.  Instead of just the name of the item, the item type information is also displayed.  The view is also compact so that the Master Loot window does not waste real estate. Additionally, the options for "-Random-" and "-Intitate Roll-off-" are added to the view so that items can be quickly randomed out to the raid or a Roll-Off can be started.

How are Roll-offs Handled?

FasterLootPlus will present the item in party chat that is being rolled for. Player's will be given a specific time limit within which to /roll for the item.  FasterLootPlus will listen for all the /rolls that players make for 12 seconds and at the end of that time, it will automatically determine who the winner is.  Player's who /roll multiple times will only have their first /roll counted.  FasterLootPlus will then list off all the rolls and automatically assign the item looted to the winner.  When there is a tie, FasterLootPlus will report the tie in party chat and tell those players to /roll again.  Ties must be then manually looted to the winner by the Master Looter, but this is still much easier than doing it all by hand.

Init Roll-Off

Close Roll-Off


How do the Auto-Loot rules work?

FasterLootPlus scans through any items that drop any time the master-loot is updated with new items.  Each item is tested against all of the rules, from top-to-bottom; and the first rule that is found which would apply to the item is used (this means that the order of the rules matters).  If no rule is found that matches, or a rule that forces the item to be deferred is found, then the item is ignored.  This process continues for each item until each item has been tested, assigned, or ignored.

Do you have Sample Rules?

FastLootPlus comes with some default rules built in. The command /fasterloot defaults can be typed to overwrite the current ruleset with the default rules. Make sure you create a new ruleset to load the defaults! To see a sample of what the default rules looks like, you can view them in the Imgur Gallery

Why do the rules have different colors?

Rules are color coded based on their behavior.

Red - This is a skip rule. If an item matches this rule, then it is skipped and no other rules are checked.

Blue - This is a assign rule. If an item matches this rule, then it is auto-assigned to the first eligible looter in the rule's assignee list.

Green - This is a random rule. If an item matches this rule, then it is randomly assigned to an eligible looter in the raid.

Purple - This is a list random rule. If an item matches this rule, then it is randomly assigned to an eligible looter that is also in the rule's assignee list

What about the rules? What can you check?

Each rule can test 4 things: The item name, type, quality, and effective item level (iLvl for short).  Rules can be enabled and disabled individually, created, and edited. You can also attach one or more assignees to a rule and select if the item should be randomly assigned.  Additionally, you can specify to use Regular Expression for matching the item name, which allow for advanced pattern matching. 

How does it determine who gets the loot?

Each item in the master-loot list has its own attached list of eligible looters for that item.  This list is how Carbine know who is able to be assigned an item and is what FasterLootPlus compares with each rule. Any time a new item becomes available for master-loot, then FasterLootPlus does one of the following things:


If the rule...

...has no assignees, is not set to random, then it is a rule to defer auto-looting, this item is ignored and no further rules are tested.

...has no assignees, is set to random, then it is a rule to randomize the item to any eligible looter in the raid. A random eligible looter is selected and the item is automatically awarded.

...has an one or more assignee, is or is not set to random, but none of the assignees are eligible for loot (because they aren't in raid, or weren't there for the kill), then it is treated as if there are no assignees and skipped.

...has an one of more assignee, is not set to random, and at least one of the assignees is also an eligible looter, then the item is automatically awarded to the first eligible looter that appears in the assignees list (this means that the order of assignees matters for priority).

...has an one of more assignee, is set to random, and at least one of the assignees is also an eligible looter, then the item is automatically awarded to a random player who is in both the eligible looters and assignees list (the order does not matter).