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What is EZAuction?

EZAuction is an auction addon to help sell your items by adding features to the auction house.By doing this it makes selling items on the auction house a lot easier.


  • Automatically undercut lowest price
  • Automatically adjust bid price to buyout
  • Shows a message when listing fee is higher than buyout price
  • Amount based under cutting
  • Sell confirmation popup option
  • Remove Cancel confirmation
  • Bidprice Undercut Lowest bidprice
  • BetterMoneyInput Compatible

Requested features:

  • Watch list
  • Subcategories for architect
  • Account wide item selling. (Do not undercut your self)
  • Hotkey to auto sell item in item list.
  • New item price (vendor price + amount/percent)
  • Prevent AH from resetting to the first page after bid/buyout

Known issues:



Thanks Korgall for the review.