Ern's Speedy Quest

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Ern's Speedy Quest

This addon provides a means to navigate quest dialog windows with your keyboard, allowing for players to quickly proceed through the prompts.

By default, Ern's Speedy Quest (ESQ) uses the numbers 1-9 to navigate through dialog windows.  Users will be able to modify this, however!


  • "/esq" - A quick overview of the available commands
  • "/esq clear"  - Clears all keys that have been saved.
  • "/esq reward" - Toggle whether or not ESQ pauses for quest rewards.  On by default.
  • "/esq <ch>"  - Use this character as the first key to respond to the first option in quest dialog windows.
  • "/esq <ch>,<ch>,<ch>"  - Use these characters, in the order inputted, as their respective option.


  • Example:  "/esq e,q" - The first and second options in any dialog window will be E and Q.  Any additional options will start at 3 and go up from there.
  • ESQ commands are not case-sensitive.
  • Action bars are disabled when making selections.
  • Add as many characters as you need to the /esq character string.



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