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Perspective - I only made EntSpy because nothing similar existed. I think we're at that point - this addon does more or less the same thing but better so try it out! Addon developing is not profitable (AythQuest has about $5 in donations for reference) so I am not fussed.

EntSpy is an addon that automatically tracks all units within render distance and points them out to you with a fancy icon and/or line if they are interesting or useful. The user has full control over what is displayed and when - the addon can display everything from Moodie Mask carriers to lost Caravan Members, it can automatically find the mobs you need for your quest and help you level your path. The system used is so effective that in many games it represents a form of cheating!

The functionality below corresponds to the menu options (accessible via the menu or ‘/es’)


  • Gathering – locate all gatherable nodes for any gathering skill
  • Quest – locate all quests and turn-ins
  • Quest Units - locate all quest relevant mobs and clickables!
  • Challenge – locate all relevant challenge mobs when on a challenge
  • Challenge Arrows - run over a challenge to start it!
  • Path – locate all path objects and locations
  • Primes – locate all prime level mobs that are unique (rares and bosses!)
  • PVP – locate all enemy players and their class/health
  • Group – locate all group members
  • Event – same as quest but for dungeons and adventures
  • Subdue – become reunited with your lost weapon!
  • Guild – find all guild mates
  • Search - find any unit you want!
  • Lore - find all lore objects (datacubes, journals, tales)
  • Explorer flags - find all speed boosts and jump boost trail flags


  • War of the Wilds - locate all enemy champions and energy nodes
  • Malgrave Trail – locate all supplies, caravan members and chompacobras (four caravan members lost in a sandstorm -> get gold anyway)
  • Walatiki Temple – locate all moodie masks and carriers
  • Any ideas? Post a comment!


  • TrackMaster – Used as a base for the addon.
  • DotPlates – Referenced for the reward data generation
  • AythQuest – Referenced for line drawing