Elder Spell Swap

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This is a modification from the QCGR Addon provided by "hitbutton":

As a Engineer, Medic, Esper or Stalker you generally only want one ressource spender ability on your LAS. One for single target and one multiple targets for everything else. Because of that, in dungeons / questing I was continually opening the Ability Builder to switch them, which was fiddly and tedious. So I made myself a button to do it for me.

This addon now works for Engineers, Medics, Esper and Stalkers!

  • Engineer: Electrocute vs. Bolt Caster
  • Stalker: Impale vs. Neutralize
  • Medic: Quantum Cascade vs. Gamma Rays and Atomize vs. Dual Shock
  • Esper: Telekinetic Strike vs. Psychic Frenzy

When you click the Icon, it will switch which ability is on your LAS, and assign the tier points that were on the old ability to the new one. If both/neither skills are on your bar then the button will not be visible! You can move and resize thebutton by click+dragging the thin border. 

Put "/ESS swap" into a Wildstar macro and you can acces this function through a keybinding of your ability bars!

Currently supported chat controls:

  • /ESS or /ess
  • /ess lock
  • /ess unlock
  • /ess swap
  • /ess swap2 (currently for medics only)


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