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Version: Seventh Release

Options: /egplates OR Configure button OR pin button

The intent for these nameplates is to focus on speed and vital information.  Some may like the art and layout, others may not.

All should agree that it is fast.

(Pictured below: same spot in Thayd)

Side-by-side performance on my old computer

I am certainly open to suggestions in comments.  Thank you for giving it a look!  Special thanks to the fine folks of Evindra/Space Jam for all their assistance and suggestions.


  • Fast, low-impact nameplate
  • Queued loading for smoother transitions to areas with a large number of units
  • Hides bars out-of-combat unless unit is being targeted or is in your group
  • Various nameplate color options - group, guild, ally, neutral, hostile
  • Various nameplate display options (harvest, interactable, etc)
  • Distance filtering option (this will reduce performance if enabled)
  • A (!) icon for reward things, such as if it is used for a quest, path, and/or challenge
  • Health/Shield text displayable as number or percentage
  • Automatic nameplate shifting - if the unit is onscreen but the nameplate is offscreen, the plate will be shifted from the head to the feet.
  • Arc Bars or Standard Bars
  • Text summary option (based on user suggestion) below NPCs
  • Rank and recommended group size of NPCs, if any
  • Shows players' class icon
  • If in combat or targeted, indicates whether a unit is targeting the player with a red bullseye icon
  • Option to show yours/all player class Resource bar
  • Cast, Vulnerability, and Resource bars can be resized to quite large!
  • Variable transparency, separate for cast/vulnerability bar and health/shield/absorb bar
  • Option to always show Interrupt Armor even out of combat (if any)

Checkout the screenshots of the nameplates in action!