Last Updated: Oct 24, 2015 Game Version: API 11


Oct 20, 2015

Owner: _ForgeUser20149756

Never focus the wrong target again!


Displays badges on enemy players in battleground for:

  • Enemy Healers
  • Enemies who have dealt the highest damage
  • Enemies who have the most kills
  • Enemies who have the most deaths

Open the settings with /drsb or using the drScoreBadger tab in the System Esc menu.


Configurable options:

  • Enable/disable display of healer badges
  • Enable/disable display of damage/kills badges
  • Enable/disable display of deaths badges
  • Configure how many of the highest damage/kills/deaths players to draw badges on (default: Top 3)
  • Height, Size and Opacity of badges
  • Different images to choose from!

Issues and source at: https://github.com/drspod/drScoreBadger


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