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DotPlates is a minimal replacement for stock Nameplates.  It is however unique in that it presents critical unit information as collapsing dots.  It is not a fork of CombatPlates or BijiPlates.  However its original structure started from CombatPlates, with many of its elements removed.  Some small influences were derived from Biji and the Carbine nameplate.  Thanks Garet Jax and nasq (slowseer).
Why another Nameplate Add-On?
First and foremost, I feel WildStar is a visually stunning experience, almost to the point of being overwhelming.  Combat telegraphs sometimes make it difficult to maintain access to critical information, particularly in large groups.  So I wanted to create a nameplate that would have the minimal information needed.  I also wanted to learn about WildStar Add-On creation and create something uniquely different.
Do you like the ideas used in DotPlates? Please download the addon and provide feedback!  Heck, I even want to know if you think it sucks. 

Features and Functions

DotPlates was originally designed to be a minimal nameplate, but I keep adding more options and it is becoming highly configurable.  It's design is still rooted in a minimal interface, for example, do you really need everybody's name floating past you? Do you really need to know that Mob's character level, name, etc. after you've engaged them in combat? No! You want it dead!  This addon is designed to deliver critical information you need for combat and support a more immersive environment (... minus the dot above player heads).

  • The interior HealthDot can be configured to show Health and Shields separately, Health Only, or Health and Shield combined into a single resource.  As those resources are depleted, the dot shrinks leaving a black background in it's wake.  Use options to configure it.
  • Player characters have an additional outer ring (dot) color for each of the WildStar classes.  (Colors Customizable)
  • A new outer Dot was added for a Cast Timer.  It radially fills (clockwise) the outer dot as a unit's cast time elapses.  Additionally, other units will use the Cast Dot when a:

    • Unit is vulnerable (in a CC state) use the cast added that operates in the same way the cast timer Dot works, but moves counter-clockwise
    • Unit is part the objective of a quest/path/event/challenge, the cast dot will "pulse" in golden yellow (configurable)
    • Unit is flagged for PvP of the opposite faction, the cast dot will "pulse" in red, but not while in an instance (e.g. battleground)
  • NEW!! Holy configuration options Batman!  Just type /dots
    • Customize practically every color presented (Class Dots, Beacon/Cast Dots, Shield, Unit Health Colors, Text Colors)
    • Customize how each unit type is presented
    • For each unit type, you can toggle its visibility, set health thresholds
    • Customize supplemental text information and by your choice include additional text attributes like (unit level, name, health, dash charges, resource amounts, and more!)
  • NEW!  New option added to display your health information as a collapsing dot style or a pie chart style!
  • NEW!  Customize the DotPlate for members of your group by role! (Tank, Healer, DPS)


The slash commands:
Will bring up the options window where you can set the viewing distance, dot scale, disable DotPlates, show friendly NPC Dots, and set the HealthDot function.
ColorPicker is required for color customization.


  • An expanding health dot, i.e. the dots radius is given by 1-health%, specifically for healers
  • The ability to select transparency on color selection
  • Better textures
  • Better interrupt icon - particularly for units that have infinite interrupt armor
  • Different colors for uninterruptable casts


Same as every other WildStar add-on, use Mission Control or drop in %appdata%\NCSoft\Wildstar\Addons

Known Issues

Dispellable debuffs not fully tested yet