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3.3K Downloads Updated Aug 15, 2014 Created Aug 1, 2014

This addon will keep track of your money owning record

587 Downloads Updated Mar 17, 2014 Created Mar 17, 2014

Development library that provides access to creating UI components from a Lua table

4K Downloads Updated Feb 11, 2016 Created Jan 31, 2016

Fixes carbine's broken stuff.

156 Downloads Updated Jun 4, 2017 Created Jun 4, 2017

Display optimised replacement for Carbine's housing crate, vendor and controls with added QoL features.

5.8K Downloads Updated Apr 19, 2014 Created Apr 19, 2014

A small edit to the mini map to add a button which uses the /reloadui...

1.1K Downloads Updated Feb 26, 2016 Created Jul 18, 2015

Used to copy current party information or gear to the clipboard

3.7K Downloads Updated Apr 27, 2014 Created Apr 27, 2014

Tiny addon to help developers find the ID of a spell from its name.

157 Downloads Updated Aug 8, 2014 Created Aug 7, 2014

Provides Python optparse style slashcommand parsing

940 Downloads Updated Apr 20, 2014 Created Mar 12, 2014

GeminiProfiler is an AddOn designed to provide some measure of information about the functions running...

3.3K Downloads Updated Jun 2, 2014 Created Jun 2, 2014

Small addon to display the cooldown returned by the API of a given spell