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45.7K Downloads Updated Oct 12, 2017 Created Jul 2, 2015

Katia's tools for housing!

334K Downloads Updated Mar 30, 2016 Created Mar 12, 2014

Clearly indicates units & positions

6K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 2, 2014

Tracks the player's tradeskill recipe lists (for craftable items) for aggregating data with guilds, circles,...

4.8K Downloads Updated Jul 22, 2014 Created Mar 13, 2014

A utility to provide a Watch window for lua variables, events and table access.

2.7K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 17, 2014

Automatically Dismount your character when you open the craft vendor!

3.6K Downloads Updated Apr 5, 2016 Created May 30, 2015

Provides in-game alerts when a group member is using a newer version of a supported...

3.8K Downloads Updated Mar 15, 2017 Created Nov 19, 2015

Displays latency graph

2K Downloads Updated Jun 9, 2014 Created Apr 27, 2014

Guild Roster Tools is an addon suite that allows you to export your guild roster...

5.9K Downloads Updated Aug 15, 2014 Created Jun 11, 2014

Makes addon errors less intrusive, while still allowing you to browse error details if you...

4.3K Downloads Updated Mar 27, 2015 Created Aug 1, 2014

Add a window on the character window to push data into it.

222 Downloads Updated Aug 4, 2014 Created Aug 3, 2014

LibSimpleBars is a simple library allowing for standardized creation and manipulation of timer bars

13.9K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created May 8, 2014

Aligner is a simple addon that helps you get your UI into perfect alignment! Aligner...

3.8K Downloads Updated Oct 6, 2015 Created Aug 23, 2014

An in-game Lua console

3.3K Downloads Updated Nov 11, 2015 Created Jun 11, 2015

Library for communication between Addons

170 Downloads Updated Aug 18, 2014 Created Aug 18, 2014

LibCombatLogFixes-1.0 is an attempt to provide addon authors with much needed events that are missing...

3.3K Downloads Updated Aug 15, 2014 Created Aug 1, 2014

This addon will keep track of your money owning record

3.9K Downloads Updated Oct 11, 2015 Created Oct 2, 2015

Enabler is a platform for modifying existing addon functionality without requiring an extra addon

4K Downloads Updated Feb 11, 2016 Created Jan 31, 2016

Fixes carbine's broken stuff.

586 Downloads Updated Mar 17, 2014 Created Mar 17, 2014

Development library that provides access to creating UI components from a Lua table

4.5K Downloads Updated Sep 28, 2015 Created Mar 11, 2015

Simple combat text add-on to replace the default FloatText.