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FoVCalculator assists in estimating and setting your FoV value based on your screen size, aspect ratio, and distance from your eyes to the screen.

  • /setfov opens the calculator
  • /setfov <number> (/setfov 90) to directly set your FoV.  This is best if you already know what your target VerticalFoV is.

Why this is important (by request):  

Also, when TB references his preferred FoV, he talks about 90-95, which would represent Horizontal FoV.  Wildstar's editable FoV setting is vertical FoV, and 90-95 horizontal FoV is approximately 65-70 vertical FoV.  When you run the calculator, it will give you the Vertical FoV value, since the horizontal can't be changed in Wildstar.  I just wanted to make that clear.  Hope this helps to understand better what your'e doing.


Updates (newest first):


  • Rebuilt the addon to calculate your estimated FoV based on your settings and screen placement.


  • Added an argument to /setfov so you can just type your desired FoV after /setfov (i.e. /setfov 90) and it will adjust without typing the /eval command or messing with the slider.  This is best if you already know what your target FoV is, and want to see it really quick.  If you don't like that setting, just type /setfov without the number after it, and it will pull up the standard slider window. Thanks to zeaga, for the code modification that made this possible. 


  • Launch ready!


  • Very minor change to formatting of /setfov instructions in chat window.


  • Changed UI style to better fit overall theme of UI 2.0.


  • Blocked FoV text values from manual edits (preventing accidental text value entry).
  • Added feature to revert slider to last known FoV value when canceled before applying changes.
  • Added auto-detect feature for first-time use, or to restore if Wildstar saved data file is corrupted, deleted, or otherwise unavailable.


  • Fixed errors with first-time use.
  • Fixed up arrow on slider not working properly.