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146K Downloads Updated Mar 13, 2017 Created Dec 15, 2014

New bag addon, with a twist.

241K Downloads Updated Aug 12, 2014 Created May 9, 2014

Shows unread Lores and resource nodes in a list and point to them when you...

126K Downloads Updated May 17, 2016 Created Jul 19, 2014

Helps you to solve the "rune-slots to rune-sets" puzzle.

5.8K Downloads Updated May 22, 2017 Created Jan 16, 2017

Track Kill targets for Achievements, Lore items, Quest items, and Harvestable Resource Nodes nearby the...

8.5K Downloads Updated Oct 20, 2014 Created Jul 8, 2014

customizable gear score

3K Downloads Updated Aug 21, 2014 Created Aug 15, 2014

Draws Lines towards Quests, Path and Resource nodes to help find them better

80.2K Downloads Updated Nov 11, 2014 Created Jun 24, 2014

Simple addon to craft multiple items using Circuit Board.

25.9K Downloads Updated Aug 18, 2016 Created Jun 24, 2014

EZAuction helps sell your items on the auction house

5.7K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 23, 2014

Remembers schematic configurations for circuit board crafting, and allows one-click rebuilding of these.

11.6K Downloads Updated Aug 7, 2014 Created Jun 14, 2014

Auto Quest Tracker

6K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 2, 2014

Tracks the player's tradeskill recipe lists (for craftable items) for aggregating data with guilds, circles,...

48.9K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Apr 1, 2014

Crafting grid enhancements & discovery attempt tracking

27.3K Downloads Updated May 18, 2014 Created Mar 14, 2014

Shows a small list of nearby harvest-able nodes and their distance/direction from the player.

5.7K Downloads Updated Aug 29, 2016 Created May 29, 2015

Nameplates for all harvest stuff.

7.7K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jul 4, 2014

Displays loot tables in tooltips

59.4K Downloads Updated Jul 30, 2014 Created Jun 18, 2014

This addon is designed to be a labor-saving tool for players who do a lot...

21K Downloads Updated Sep 30, 2015 Created Jun 23, 2014

Adds a vendor option to buy multiple items simultaneously.

8.8K Downloads Updated Jun 21, 2014 Created Jun 15, 2014

Here to help you help yourself

5.8K Downloads Updated May 17, 2016 Created Jun 25, 2014

Keep track of (and eventually be notified of) your housing plant progress.

18.2K Downloads Updated Jan 21, 2017 Created Jun 9, 2014

A handy tool for seeing info about your alternate characters.