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Getting tired of having to use the Holo-Wardrobe to change costumes? How about trying to hide parts of your current one? Well here's the addon for you. Hi, I'm Professor TOgglebutton and I'm a roleplayer. When my character walks into a bar, they want to take their hat off without delay, so i created this quick popup menu that allows changing of costumes in a cinch. It even has buttons in the quick menu to hide costume parts, because no Granok should have to wait all that time to go shirtless into a fight.


Costume quick menu has a few other nifty features. It integrates with the addon Costume Names to list your costumes as named options, should you have Costume Names installed. It also has the ability to change your costume tied to a custom emote. SImply [CTRL] Click the item and an input box will pop up, allowing you to change clothes in style.


Here's the catch. You currently need the default Interface Menu addon form Carbine to make this work.


Costume Quick Menu allows you to:

  • Change costumes with a single click from a menu. No slash commands to or digging into the Holo Wardrobe.
  • Use names for costumes from Costume Names addon.
  • *NEW* Hide and show elements of your active costume without the Holo Wardrobe.