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- Unit health is represented with five bullets.
- Unit shields are represented with four small dots between health bullets. Four dots = max shield, no dots = no shield.
- Hold down Control key to see all nameplates at the maximum distance possible.
- After 45 metres nameplates begin to fade away for better spatial judgement.
- Hostile NPCs have brown colour.
- Friendlies have green colour.
- Neutrals have white colour.
- Quest/challenge marks to the left of NPC names.
- Absorption indicator around health bullets.
- NPC difficulty indicator to the right of its name. If it's difficult, you'll see a "/x" number where anything over 3 means most likely you can't solo it.
- Unlike Carbine nameplates, shows items of "Harvest" type, for example plants that you need to gather for the quest in Bio-Dome 4.
- In enemy strongholds, hides non-combatant NPCs leaving only guards (mostly).


- Enemy players have class name instead of player name.
- Hostile players with pvp ON on have pink-reddish colour.
- Hostile players with pvp OFF have yellow colour.
- Hostile players with pvp ON are always shown at a maximum possible distance.

- PVP radar:

It's a window where your datachron usually is. It shows all players with some info:

- Friendly/hostile/hostile-pvp-on - same colours as for nameplates; also "x" symbol for hostile-pvp-on.
- Distance, when available.
- ">" indicator meaning the player is on your screen.

The radar is ON by default, can be turned OFF with "/cnp radar" command.


Type /cnp to see help in chat log. You can change font size and nameplate colours.

For colour values, try websites like:

Alternative colour scheme (hostile units are milky, neutral units are dark greyish):

/cnp neutral 848484
/cnp pvpoff cdad00
/cnp pvpon fe2e2e
/cnp hostile cdb79e

Experimental feature in version 1.6 - you can set different font size and colour for the upper (health) part of the plate. "alt" command toggles between classic and experimental styles. Example:

/cnp alt
/cnp altsize 12
/cnp altcolor ffffff


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