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This addon will display a notification whenever your character is affected by a crowd control effect. For effects that can be broken early, it will also display a hint on how to achieve this.


  • CC notification window with eyecatch icon, cc state name and advice. Window can be repositioned, and the background can be toggled on and off.
  • Supports multiple concurrent CC effects. One will display at a time according to a hardcoded priority order based on which ones you can actively do something about (Knockdown > Subdue > Disarm > Tether > Disorient > everything else).
  • When hit with Disorient, the addon will track your movement keys (forward, back, strafe left and strafe right) and display in a separate window how the keys have been remapped as soon as it has been determined. Button remap window can be moved freely.
  • When hit with disarm or subdue (weapon loss), the addon will also mark your weapon with a highly visible icon for easy recovery.


  • /cv background or /cv b - Toggle background for notification window on and off.
  • /clairvoyance can be used instead of /cv in all commands.

This addon will not display stun (handled by the stun break UI) or knockback (removed instantly after it is applied). If you want a more visible and intuitive UI for dealing with stun breaking, check out my other addon, Breakout.

Future plans:

  • See if it's possible to automatically rebind keys during disorient state.
  • Add options for ordering and filtering.
  • Add separate window displaying list of all active CC effects on character.


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