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Character Shot is designed for making forum signatures and other edits easier. It puts your character on a black screen. You can choose camera and even animations to play. This is a no frills addon. Nothing fancy, just bare bones access to this stuff.



  • Three on screen buttons auto fade when cursor not over them.
  • Click tools button to show Tool Box.
  • Can set to a creature ID number
  • Animation speed timer great for accurate shots
  • Button to play talk sequence.
  • Pause Button (resets to frame 0 of animation)
  • Slider for frame scrubbing
  • ANimation list / browser. Click an animation to play it.


  • You can not completely control the camera. The furthest zoom out on Paperdoll camera is as far as it goes.
  • Some cameras, the Item preview ones, ONLY WORK ON HUMANS.
  • I do not know what animations are what. you just have to go through the numbers. The good thing is there's nothing over 9000.

Using Character Shot

  • Type /shot in the chat box.
  • Controls have labels and tooltips. There is a maximize button, and the window is resizeable.
  • When editing the images, use a magic wand with 0 tolerance on the black. it will trim out without taking other blacks.

Animation List

Click here for a sortable spreadsheet of animations.