4,028 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 22, 2014 Game Version: API 8

Useful addon for healers with targeted spells such as Espers. Allows the user to choose from pressing the alt, shift, or ctrl modifiers to essentially perform a self cast, similar to what WoW has.

The slash command is /castonself. Just select which modifier you want to use and your done! Alt modifier is selected by default.

This is my first addon so it's pretty simple and there might be other more optimal ways of getting the same result.

Known Bugs

-Not allowed to target your self without pressing the selected modifier. This doesn't actually affect some people (like me) at all so far because I would just use the modifier +hotkey to cast on my self anyways. It might annoy some players though. If anybody can think of a fix for this one let me know!


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