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20.03// Version 0.6 has been released that addresses many of the reported issues from github. There are still several open problems that need to be addressed, but the basic functionality is working so far. The Datachron is probably the most broken at the moment, which we hope to get working by v0.7 later on.  ♥ Olivar & Charge


12.09// Just a quick note, CandyUI is still in development & has not been abandoned.  We apologize for the inactivity and the lack of updates/fixes recently, but we are doing everything we can to continue progress on the UI. We will do our best to respond to everyone's feedback and regular updates can be expected to continue shortly!

Also, we would like to give a big thank you to those using & providing feedback on CandyUI




  • CandyUI_UnitFrames

    • Player, Target, Focus and Target of Target are now moveable
    • Player, Target, Focus and Target of Target are now handled through Carbine's WindowManager.
    • The white text of the cast-bars has been hidden
    • Code has been cleaned
  • CandyUI

    • Removed deprecated code properties
    • Mount button only displays obtained mounts
  • Resource

    • Core values for engineer updated
    • New sprite added for better display
  • Minimap

    • Fixed disappearing minimap
    • Added minimap to the client Windowmanager
    • Minimap is now resizeable & moveable