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CandyBars is the ultimate addon in bar customization. Whether you just want to move you Action Bar or you want to put together your epic UI, CandyBars can do it. With CandyBars you can change, edit, move, hide, and drastically change the game bars to how you desire. In addition, CandyBars also adds many extra functions to the game bars. This addon is ever changing and ever evolving. User feedback often leads to added features or changed functions. Try CandyBars today!

type /cb or open the interface menu list to access the options

to access the flyout menus for abilities such as Recall, Mount, Potion, Path, and Innate simply right + click on the corresponding ability

To hide the original Action Bar... 

Look below at "HUD Controls" to find out how.


A donate button has been added to the right side of this page. This is for people who like the addon and wish to support the developers of it. 100% of the donation goes to the developers.




  • Fixed zoning bug.
  • Hotkeys now constantly update.


Action Bar

  • Adjustable the number of rows and columns
  • Adjustable button size and padding between buttons
  • Adjustable opacity and number of buttons
  • Spec switch buttons on bottom
  • Reversible button order
  • Optional Innate button with the added ability of having it on its own bar

Secondary Bar

  • Just as customizable as the Action Bar
  • The bar can be split into two bars

Utility Bar

  • Can contain the Mount, Recall, Gadget, Path, and Potion buttons
  • You choose which buttons are shown on the bar
  • Option to have two separate bars
  • Flyout menus for the Mount, Recall, Path, and Potion buttons
  • Right click to access the Flyout menus

Layout Editor

  • Edit the layout of the Action Bar.
  • Make it look how you want it.
  • Simply drag and drop the abilities to where you want them then press update.
  • Adjust the size of the grid to how you want it.

HUD Controls

  • Here you can hide many parts of the default UI such as the Action Bar.
  • Much easier than disabling addons.
  • To hide the stock Recall button you still might have to disable the RecallFrame addon.


To Do