Breaking Eggs

3,582 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 27, 2014 Game Version: API 9

A helper for raid leaders organizing egg interrupts on Kuralak.  Provides a simple interface that generates interrupt pairings and announces the setup to your raid group.



Open the window by typing /eggs

Each eggs phase is represented by a column of text fields.  Enter player names for those interrupting in each phase, and they will be assigned to existing eggs automatically when clicking the "SPAM" button.  

The top player in each column will always be set to interrupt the random egg.

You can change which channel the interrupt info is spammed to using the box below the SPAM button.



-Manually enter player names into the list based upon who you want to be interrupting eggs and in what phase

-The top player in each column will be interrupting the random egg (the first egg to spawn)

-Broadcast channel can be customized

-Form data is saved between sessions, allowing you to easily make small adjustments based on roster variance across different Kuralak kills


To do:

-Directly adding names from current raid list

-Backup priority list with command to announce updated interrupt list due to mid-fight substitutions


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