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This is a beta release. Some features are not implemented properly, and you may notice some bugs here and there. Please bear that in mind. On the first tab, if a setting doesn't have a tooltip, that means it is not implemented or it is a sensitive option.

Wildstar has a fast, action packed combat system. It tries something different from other traditional MMORPGs' point & click mechanics. It works great, and I really love it. However, I felt the traditional UI to be lacking; I felt that something else was necessary to keep track of what is going on around you. And finally come up with this.

BreadCrumbs is basically a combined player tracker & unit frame & nameplate & etc... all in one. Depending on your settings, it will be demanding on your system. Primarily designed for PvP and healers in mind at the beginning, but the product now exceeds what was initially thought.

Stuff to keep in mind:
-This is BETA. Yes, add-ons can be in beta. Please do not forget that. I need feedback, and suggestions, and bug reports. I really, really appreciate these.
-The more dense the area is, the heavier load this add-on will have.
-Seeing more "floating" breads and crumbs around is also another resource hog.
-This add-on is NOT a nameplate replacement. It can function as one, but it isn't optimized for that purpose, and Hybrid mode is just there as a bonus. Turn Hybrid mode ON for "nameplate-effect"
-Do not bother with timers. Actually, on the first tab, do not bother with anything that sounds confusing, or doesn't even have a tooltip. Either they are not implemented yet, or stuff you should avoid for now.
-If you hold down the close button, the add-on will load the default values.
-Have I mentioned that, this is BETA? :)
-You can contact me directly on Hazak realm, Dominion side. I am the Chua called "Phare".

-Player tracking, with filtering options
-Mini-unit frames, with extensive options (from ignoring shields to colorful class icons, ...)
-Hybrid mode to urge you about people with low health (which can also make this add-on act like a nameplate add-on as well)
-Pin buttons to enable/disable tracking on the fly

To-Do List:
-Extended group features; separating DPS/Tanks/Healers from each other
-Whitelist & Blacklist; ignore certain players, and constantly track some others
-more filters?
-Extended click-features; allowing you to decide what to do
-Color picker (ready on my internal version, but not available to you for now - sorry!)
-Optimization, if possible (I've spent a good amount of time on optimization; to give me enough room to implement more stuff)
-Target tracking (of all the stuff that are tracked passively, target should be an active one no matter the distance or HP)