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Botter will track nearby players, so you can catch those pesky teleporting bots.  Seeing nearby players also alerts you to other potential bots (strangely named level 50s is what I've run into, which were farming greys)

Current Version: 1.1


  • /botter - open window
  • /botter on - turn on update listening
  • /botter off - turn off update listening
  • /botter log - set mode Log
  • /botter realtime - set mode RealTime


  • On/Off (default) toggle  - adds/removes update listening
  • Log (default)/RealTime toggle - logs names until cleared / removes names upon players leaving range
  • List and window are now transparent; only text and buttons from list / player location are shown
  • Mouseover window will show the other buttons and text
  • Upper right button will hide the window
  • Upper left button will clear the list
  • ESC will no longer hide window
  • Red report (-) button - popup custom report window with information generated by Botter
  • Green locate (eye) button - will point direction, mark in range, or notify of relative direction
  • Ping will display on map briefly when pressing green locate button.
  • Targeting a player already in range will add that player to the list when update is On
  • Tracks already reported players (lost connection does NOT seem to trigger save on any addon)
  • Title of report form will notify of already reported bots.
  • Colorizes text based on faction/friend/guildmate/already reported bots.
    • Red - already reported bot
    • Blue - friend
    • Purple - guildmate
    • White - faction
    • Green - faction PvP flagged
    • Yellow - enemy faction
    • Orange - enemy faction PvP flagged

Caution: Turning updates On in a crowded city can fill the list pretty rapidly and may cause some performance degradation, though my tests have put it well below what Carbine's Nameplates does.  I would suggest using RealTime mode there, if you must.

Special thanks to Holicone for OneClickBotReport and his continued efforts there, and Space Jam for putting up with me and my tests.