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326K Downloads Updated Oct 13, 2015 Created Mar 13, 2014

Enemy Castbar and Interrupt Armor

29.5K Downloads Updated Sep 23, 2017 Created Jun 3, 2016

Show current combat statistics and history for DPS, Healing, and Tanking as a graph. UI...

120K Downloads Updated May 4, 2018 Created Feb 18, 2015

Boss Encounter addon for Genetic Archives / Datascape / CoreY83.

5.7K Downloads Updated Jul 25, 2014 Created Mar 29, 2014

KillingTime estimates how long your current target will take to die and the average DPS...

29.3K Downloads Updated Sep 5, 2018 Created Aug 22, 2014

It's a threat meter. Use it.

27.3K Downloads Updated Sep 28, 2015 Created Mar 12, 2014

Smart-Target Assistant for Healer's, Pretty much a Must-Have for Single Targeted Healing!

38.5K Downloads Updated Oct 15, 2015 Created Sep 6, 2014

High performance Raid Frames including live interrupt indicators and reordering of group members.

602 Downloads Updated Sep 20, 2017 Created Jul 28, 2017

Allows you to quickly toggle settings below the minimum allowed by the stock UI. ...

3.3K Downloads Updated Jun 25, 2014 Created Jun 25, 2014

Hides a telegraphs from the ally healers if you're on full hp/shield.

4.6K Downloads Updated Jun 23, 2015 Created Jun 19, 2015

Dungeon Helper

9.4K Downloads Updated Feb 2, 2017 Created Sep 15, 2016

Boss Mod for RMT/DS/GA

3.4K Downloads Updated Oct 19, 2015 Created Aug 12, 2014

Will inform you when to GTFO of the spot you are in

3.8K Downloads Updated Jul 17, 2014 Created Jul 17, 2014

Automatically sets your focus target based on the target selected by your group's tank.

59.2K Downloads Updated Apr 21, 2017 Created Jul 19, 2015

Buff/Debuff Tracker

8K Downloads Updated Oct 24, 2015 Created Jun 27, 2014

ever been in a dungeon and wondered WTF Just Killed me? so you look at...

7.8K Downloads Updated Jun 14, 2015 Created Sep 5, 2014

Tracks the cooldowns of each party member's interrupts and displays a total count of interrupt...

281 Downloads Updated Jan 4, 2018 Created Dec 28, 2017

Displays a summary of the targetted mob's important stats.

3.2K Downloads Updated Jul 25, 2014 Created Jul 25, 2014

ReIA (Reglitch's Interrupt Armor) is a simple tracker designed to be a lightweight solution to...

6.4K Downloads Updated Jul 20, 2014 Created Jun 27, 2014

Combat Effectiveness is a theorycrafting addon for Wildstar. Instead of an average of your...

20K Downloads Updated Mar 10, 2018 Created Mar 22, 2014

An add-on that logs combat events for upload to wildstarlogs.com.