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120K Downloads Updated May 4, 2018 Created Feb 18, 2015

Boss Encounter addon for Genetic Archives / Datascape / CoreY83.

14.3K Downloads Updated May 5, 2015 Created Oct 9, 2014

This addon is designed to help coordinate where to be during the egg phases while...

9K Downloads Updated Jan 11, 2016 Created Dec 2, 2015

Get notifications about ongoing worldboss events

5.7K Downloads Updated Jul 25, 2014 Created Mar 29, 2014

KillingTime estimates how long your current target will take to die and the average DPS...

61.8K Downloads Updated Aug 5, 2014 Created Mar 21, 2014

Point arrows and mark low health group members to easily find them and line up...

29.5K Downloads Updated Sep 23, 2017 Created Jun 3, 2016

Show current combat statistics and history for DPS, Healing, and Tanking as a graph. UI...

4.8K Downloads Updated Sep 23, 2017 Created Jun 3, 2016

Easy movable display for stats for current Dungeon and BG queues. (High performance)

3.6K Downloads Updated Jul 13, 2014 Created Jun 6, 2014

Toggle between your last target and yourself by the click of a button

3.5K Downloads Updated Jul 20, 2014 Created Jul 17, 2014

An addon that unborks the Medic AMP passive "Empowering Aura"

3.8K Downloads Updated Jul 17, 2014 Created Jul 17, 2014

Automatically sets your focus target based on the target selected by your group's tank.

4.6K Downloads Updated Jun 23, 2015 Created Jun 19, 2015

Dungeon Helper

3.2K Downloads Updated Dec 9, 2015 Created Dec 9, 2015

Corrects a bug with content finder that causes "Rolecheck Failed" errors

4.9K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jul 8, 2014

An addon to track your maximum critical as well as normal hits on enemies.

326K Downloads Updated Oct 13, 2015 Created Mar 13, 2014

Enemy Castbar and Interrupt Armor

3.4K Downloads Updated Oct 19, 2015 Created Aug 12, 2014

Will inform you when to GTFO of the spot you are in

4.1K Downloads Updated May 11, 2014 Created Apr 6, 2014

Tool to assist raid or party leaders in creating steady sub-group assignments.

4.1K Downloads Updated Jul 26, 2014 Created May 12, 2014

DKP-Manager for EQdkp plus

7.4K Downloads Updated Sep 12, 2014 Created Sep 12, 2014

A simple, to-the-point threat meter.

3.3K Downloads Updated Jan 6, 2015 Created Jan 6, 2015

Track Void Pact coverage in your raid/group

4K Downloads Updated Sep 28, 2015 Created Dec 17, 2014

Simple Audio Purge warning for System Daemons