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DISCONTINUED: Please check the comments for links to replacement nameplate addons

(also: Optiplates!)

Strain patch: the occlusion toggle works again - If you're seeing nameplates through objects it's because you have occlusion disabled.

Play a Medic?: Check out Medicate.

BijiPlates is a nameplate replacement add-on that shows separated health and shield bars instead of the default in-line style. By default, the occlusion is turned off. This allows you to see nameplates through walls and other objects that should obstruct them. You may turn it on through the settings page (/BijiPlates), although the api function that handles this is currently bugged for many players.

Features: (Check the images tab for screens of features and settings)

  • Display settings for different unit types (neutral, friendly, friendly player, hostile, hostile player).
  • Color settings for names and bars.
  • Info text (hp, sp, lvl, interupt armor).
  • Nameplates fade out for friendly chat bubbles.
  • Buff / Debuff display above plates. (Do not recommend using, very resource heavy.)
  • Hook into TrackMaster to draw a line to your weapon when subdued/disarmed. (image)
  • Tank Options
    • Threat alert: Icon when a unit is not targeting you.
  • Healer Options
    • Cleanse alert: Icon when a target has a cleansable debuff on them.
    • Only show health bars when damaged (below 95% of health + shield).
  • Different styles:
    • SAO: Inspired by the anime series Sword Art Online.
    • Flat: Simple square edged bars.

BijiPlates SAO Style

BijiPlates Styles

BijiPlates Styles

Support: Check out my android game, Brick'um. It's a free breakout style game with no adds, no purchases, and requires no permissions.

I decided not to buy the game, so I cannot continue to work on the add-on as I can not do any sort of testing outside of the game. CasstielCupcake has offered to take over with any emergency updates, and I'm open to adding any contributors that are interested working on it. -(slowseer) (Forum Post)