11,400 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 24, 2014 Game Version: API 9
  • Killing blow popup + victim
  • Walatiki Mask timer
  • Prestige Watcher with 4k+ warning
  • Walatiki match timer
  • Bloodsworn match timer
  • PVP K/D watcher
  • Killing spree rewards
  • You can now mute the shouter from 1.6 onwards.
  • BG enter game timer now shows so you don't miss the window!
  • Quick shout map position button! (e.g. "FOCUS: RIGHT")
  • Latency, Ping and FPS display
  • Supports English, French and German!

"/bgs show" - reopens window

Coming Soon!

  • Quick shout map position buttons. v1.9
  • Death loop timer (so you know when it's a good time to die! :))
  • Tiki mask timer tweaks (fixing some cosmetic issues with the shouting)
  • Click shouting always shouts (even when mute has been clicked) V1.9
  • Persistent settings (sorry that it always resets right now! :P)
  • Moveable kill blow window.
  • FPS and Latency stats v1.10
  • Got an idea? Drop a comment or message: Doolali@Ravenous or Mavadosh@Ravenous

Known Issues:

  • Tiki mask timers will start when both netural and faction masks are capped. The shouter is somewhat smart, if it knows it is a neutral mask it will say "Mask Spawn..." if it is unknown whether or not its a neutral or faction that was capped it will say "Potential Mask Spawn..."
  • Tiki timers are off when a game is joined in progress
  • The shouter will always shout, even if there is another of the same addon in the same game!


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