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146K Downloads Updated Mar 13, 2017 Created Dec 15, 2014

New bag addon, with a twist.

312K Downloads Updated Jan 21, 2017 Created May 11, 2014

Preview every armor type you want!

788K Downloads Updated Oct 31, 2015 Created Mar 12, 2014

JunkIt is an AddOn designed to integrate with the existing Carbine Vendor UI rather than...

80.2K Downloads Updated Nov 11, 2014 Created Jun 24, 2014

Simple addon to craft multiple items using Circuit Board.

19.3K Downloads Updated Jun 8, 2014 Created Jun 7, 2014

Craft Multiple Items in a row!

227K Downloads Updated Apr 4, 2016 Created Mar 12, 2014

display price trends, keep track of money earned and auto-set prices for buy-sell orders

25.9K Downloads Updated Aug 18, 2016 Created Jun 24, 2014

EZAuction helps sell your items on the auction house


  By   chckxy
10.3K Downloads Updated Aug 2, 2014 Created Jun 16, 2014

Make profit by flipping directoy on the CX and AH, or by crafting

11.1K Downloads Updated Jun 5, 2016 Created Dec 1, 2015

Addon to chat.

5.3K Downloads Updated Jun 4, 2015 Created Dec 20, 2014

Modifications to default ML addon.

22.3K Downloads Updated Mar 9, 2017 Created Jul 14, 2014

Minimalist replacement for the loot roll window

7.5K Downloads Updated Oct 2, 2015 Created Jul 1, 2014

Sortable listing of all the items looted during the session and their total sell value....

42.5K Downloads Updated Oct 6, 2015 Created Jul 15, 2014

Adds functionality to auto craft multiple items for coordinate board professions.

17.6K Downloads Updated Jun 11, 2014 Created May 18, 2014

Improves the Commodities Marketplace by providing a Watchlist and Trade Ticket

5.2K Downloads Updated Mar 30, 2016 Created Aug 6, 2015

Easily re-list any buy or sell commodity orders and undercut or outbid your opposition

20.7K Downloads Updated Sep 8, 2014 Created Jul 2, 2014

Replacement for the bulky uninformative runecrafting interface

108K Downloads Updated Oct 30, 2015 Created May 17, 2014

MailHelper is a addon that adds functionality to Mail System

7.9K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 8, 2014

Improvements of the vendor interface.

3.8K Downloads Updated Jul 27, 2014 Created Jun 16, 2014

Shows your total gold across all of your characters on a realm.

3.1K Downloads Updated Sep 13, 2017 Created Sep 13, 2017

Blacklist given items of Auction House search results