Are you a Werewolf?

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Based off the Are you a Werewolf card game for groups! This game is very basic in out of a group of people, some are werewolves, and you battle it out to see who wins! -- Basic rules listed here.

All commands are done in a Whisper to the Host of the game.

So if GuysName123 is the host.

/w GuysName123 WWRegsiter girlsName321

Would add GirlsName321 to the game

Once you have all the Players entered, minimum of 5. 1 out of every 4 will be randomly selected to be a werewolf. and the game will start.

WWStart - Will start the game.

WWKill name - Will kill a player 

WWResurrect name - Will Revive someone

WWClear - Will clear all deaths and rolls

WWReset - Will reset the addon.

WWIdentify - Will show the host who is who.

All of the above commands can only be used by the host of the game.

WWList - will show you who is in the game and if they are alive.

WWWhoAmI - Will tell you what you are.

These can be used by anyone.

During the day phase, everyone votes on who to linch as a werewolf.

During the night, werewolves decide who to kill.

It is up to the Host to identify werewolves to eachother, and to perform the actual killings with the WWKill command. Be sure the werewolves only talk in Whispers.


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