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This is a Compass based Unit and Quest tracker inspired by Skyrim. Quickly find find your way to quests, quest objectives, lore, crafting nodes, and important NPCs!

Known Issues:

  • Compass cannot be set to camera facing direction (unfortunately) as there is no way to obtain camera direction from the API. If Carbine adds it it would surely get added as an option.
  • Some challenge targets are difficult to identify due to inconsistency in their metadata. Making minor modifications to assist this however can't guarantee challenge targets will show as intended until Carbine puts out a fix.
  • Quest markers don't distinguish well between above ground or underground (i.e. Exo-Labs) as there is currently no method available to identify this besides specifically filtering for known underground locations and manually matching quests. Carbine needs to improve the API here.
  • Public events filter to be added in a future patch. Investigating if this can be carried into adventures as well so users can have a better idea of where adventure objectives are without using the quest tracker.

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