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This AddOn Project is Close!!!
Please Download this AddOn:

AnotherSCT based on the Carabine Addon FloatText and let you choose the Color, Size and Font of all outgoing and incoming Heal and Damage.

Be careful this Addon is Beta. There are no Validations for any controls.

Open AnotherSCT with /asct or over the Interfacemenu.


New Features (21.05.2014):

  • Incoming or Outgoing Damage and Heal now can split Left/Right
  • Now you can disable "Spell Cast Fail" message
  • Settings for CC States Added
  • New Design

If addon crash then delete settings file
\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\AddonSaveData\<Account>\<Server>\<Charakter>\AnotherSCT_0_Char.xml (Windows 8)

Features: Change Font, Color, Size of outgoing and incoming  heal and damage.

  • Crit will be display within * 
    Like: *151*
  • Damage and Shilddamage will be seperate by () 
    Like 130 (21)
  • You have access to all Gamefonts
  • Be carefull not all fonts are readable