996 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 29, 2014 Game Version: API 9

Description :

This little add-on allows you to manage easily your guild's announcements, trade requests or group searching for exemple.

You can easily Add / Delete or Edit new announcements : copy and past from windows or plenty macros in the action bar, it's over ! Save your announcement once and find it again in the list, then you just have to make one click and it's published !

You also can use the automatic function : the addon can send your announcements automatically !

Features :

- English Version

- Active links are supported

- You can send your message in several channels at the same time

- You can Schedule your annonce to be posted on a specific hour

- You can automatically resend your announcement in a specific frequency

- You can automatically send your announcement when the chat zone changes

-  You can choose the zone where you want the announcement to be posted

-  You can choose a time limit to post an announcement when you enter in a zone

How to use it :

To configure it, simply type /an in the chat.

You also can make a macro with the /macros command to invoke the addon.

The developer's word :

This addon was developped by the French Exiles Guild "Diamant" on the Treespeaker serveur (PVP).

Please repport bugs, suggestions or questions in comments or send me a nice mail at :

PS : If you want to install the V2.2 version and you already have the V2.1 don't forget to save your announcements before because they will be lost



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