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NOTE: This addon is still a work in progress; it's currently missing some features and options, including (but not limited to):

  • Cast bars
  • Pet frames
  • Other addon assets

"It's like Skyrim with bars." -Actual comment in source file

What is AlterFrame?

AlterFrame is a TargetFrame replacement, with an emphasis on curious design and visual feedback. It also replaces the default SprintMeter, combining a sprint meter and a dash counter in one. Type "/alter" for addon commands.

Emphasis on visual feedback?

Having played WildStar since launch, I've found the default user interface to be a somewhat middle-of-the-road experience. Often times, it's difficult to gauge how much damage you've just taken before realizing it's too late to react (at least for me personally, tunnel vision happens to me so often in this game). As a result, I made this addon, where pertinent information is not only much more immediate to see, but is much more reactive to the state of the player (make sure to watch the video demonstration! It's somewhat old, but it shows how it represents taking damage). All of the sprite assets are custom made by me.

When slowed:


When under any stun/root:


At/below half health:


At/below 30% health:




About updates 

I'm currently attending school for Fall 2014; as such, updates for AlterFrame will be infrequent, aside from any bugs that need to be addressed, if any. Updates will only be released when any major feature is added. Overall customizability will be limited for the time being (and probably for the future). Please let me know if you do encounter any lua errors/bugs!

Video Demonstration (professionally recorded on an iPad)

Disclaimer: this footage is of an older version of AlterFrame and does not contain some features in the current release.



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