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I am sorry to any existing users but I will no longer be supporting this addon. After work, Wildstar (or really any EQ/WoW style mmo) just has no appeal to me. The combat is fun but once you get beyond that, the game (like any MMO) emphasizes grinding, and I feel like real life does that enough already.

Anyone can fork this project and reuse it in any way they like.



A minimalist collection of UI components.

Note: At this time, AlpacaHUD only supports English clients. I need translators for other regions.


There are four main components: Actions, Bars, Nameplates, and Procs. Each component can be configured or disabled in the control panel (/alpaca). In addition, you have 8 profiles that can be assigned to multiple characters.


Actions is a component to provide a HUD display for the action bar. Actions is not meant to replace the action bar completely so it is best coupled with some other addon (or the default action bar). The display has 10 buttons (innate, 8 actions, gadget). When an ability is on cooldown it will move to the bottom of it's respective range until the threshold is met (by default 10s). Once the cooldown passes this threshold, the button will begin to move back up to it's initial position over the cooldown time remaining.


  • Health
  • Shield
  • Absorb
  • Target Health
  • Target Shield
  • Target Absorb
  • Cast
  • Sprint
  • Dash
  • Focus
  • Class Resource

Each bar can have fill direction, color, size, and position customized.


  • Current Player
  • Target
  • Friendly Player
  • Friendly Pet
  • Hostile Player
  • Hostile Pet
  • Friendly NPC
  • Neutral NPC
  • Hostile NPC

Each unit type above can be assigned 1 of 5 customizable nameplate styles in combat and out of combat. Each part of the nameplate (icon, health, shield, absorb, cast, disable, interrupt armor, name, level) can have its position, size, and color changed in each of the 5 styles.

In addition to the 5 styles, you have 3 customizable color sets that you can assign to name, health, level, and icon. The color sets are Difficulty, UnitType, and UnitFlags. Each color set has a number of colors and the color matching the current unit's state will be used.

Procs (Formerly Ampere)

Procs tracks abilities that proc off combat actions such as crits or deflects. If the ability triggered by the proc will be off cooldown before the proc expires, a bar is shown with the time left until the proc expires along with a marker indicating when the cooldown will end.

Note: This works more or less for all classes but there are some bugs in the current Carbine API that prevent accurate reading of procs for certain classes. Spellslinger is the worst culprit as many abilities return false positives and Spellsurge can cause abilities to return incorrect cooldown information (if you can live without Ignite, this is one of the worst offenders). I have submitted bug reports for this but the game is so full of holes right now that it could be a while until they get to this.


A simple window that shows counters and active buffs since the window was opened. Use the slash command "/alpaca debug" to open.

This window can be used if you are getting false positives for AlpacaProcs and want to see if the game has been updated to support your proc buff (ie: after major patches). If you are able to get a buff in this window that looks like the buff you get when the ability procs (ie: Dealt Critical Damage!), then it means the API is able to access the proc and I can use that information to update the addon. If you do not get a buff, then the game is still not returning the proc information correctly and I have to fall back on less accurate ways of determining proc status.

Current Proc Support in Carbine API:

  • Engineer - Buffs not returned by API. Crit and deflect monitoring is generally accurate.
  • Esper - Does not have proc based abilities
  • Medic - Fully supported by API.
  • Spellslinger - Buffs are not returned by API. Crit and cooldown tracking is occasionally wrong.
  • Stalker - Buffs not returned by API. Crit and deflect monitoring is generally accurate.
  • Warrior - Buffs not returned by API. Crit and deflect monitoring is generally accurate.


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