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  • Addon designed to replace the default tab-targeting macro for allies with smarter selection choices tailored specially for healers. Inspired by other addons such as Healie, Heal Buddy, and Grid.


Smart Selection:

  • Allows for the user to quickly select the lowest health ally in range (35m).
  • Cycles through all allies in range if no one is below 100% health.
  • Only select units of the same faction as the player or if in same group as player.
  • PvP Filter: Only select allies in the same PvP state as you.
  • Bolster Filter: Skip over units that already have Esper's Bolster applied.


  • Save your favorite allies to a bookmark and assign a custom keybind to quickly select them in the heat of combat.


  • Project your bookmarks onto your screen as a virtual stickynote complete with healthbars to more closely monitor your priorities.
  • Targets of stickynotes can be quickly selected by clicking their portrait on their stickynote or by hovering over their portrait.


  • Default keybind for smart selection is set to tab currently.
  • Empty bookmarks will not be saved between sessions.
  • Stickynote selection will not work if both selection methods are enabled in the options window.

Slash Commands

  • /as -- Brings up the AllySelector window.


Although this is a stable release based on what I've been able to beta test myself, user mileage still varies. I tried to account for as many unknown variables as possible during development, but depending on usage something might go awry. Please send me feedback on performance and offer suggestions for improvements and new features.

Message me in game, Entity @ Omios Lightwater, or message me here.