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AchievementTooltips is a small addon that enhances Carbine's original Achievement Log and the achievement popup panel.

  • Show achievement description in the achievement popup panel. Powered by LibApolloFixes.
  • The [View] button in the achievement popup is removed - you can click anywhere on the popup to jump directly to the detail description of the achievement.
  • Announce your earned achievements to guild chat. This feature can be activated with "/att toggleannounce". Keep in mind not to spam your guild mates too much! ;)
  • Show tooltips on recently updated addons in the "Recent Updates" list to quickly check what awesome action you just completed!
  • Fix the broken OnClick event on those recently updated addons. Now you are navigated to the achievement's details, as originally intended. I'm sure this will be fixed by Carbine some day. Until that day, you can use AchievementTooltips :)
  • Hide the [Completed (Date..)] tooltips in the achievement list, if you want to. Use "/att toggledate" to toggle this functionality.


  • Achievements (compatible with Primula)
  • FloatText (currently not compatible with (Yet)AnotherSCT until YASCT updates it FloatText code)

Often achievement names are not self-explanatory enough to directly know what you just got it for. Since I am a passionate achievement hunter, I directly want to know what I just accomplished. Unfortunately, searching through the achievement category tree gets more and more tedious the more achievements you have earned. So I decided to create this little addon to provide additional information on the summary page of the Achievement Log.

While I was implementing this addon I discovered that there is an OnClick event on the achievements in the "Recent Updates" list. It allows you to directly jump to the correct position in the achievement category tree and show the detailed description. Unfortunately, this functionality is currently broken due to small implementation errors in the original Carbine Achievements addon. While I assume that this is going to be fixed in the near future, I might implement a workaround in my addon to enable this functionality implemented a workaround and now it works! :)

Version 1.4

  • New Feature: click anywhere on the achievement popup to jump to its detail description
  • Change: slash command is not /att
  • Fixed: Preorder/Beta achievements
  • Update to API 9

Version 1.3.3

  • Fixed: Crash on game start

Version 1.3.2

  • New Feature: Announce achievements to guild chat
  • Fixed: Support for tradeskill achievements
  • Fixed: Compatibility with "Primula"
  • Fixed: Automatic scrolling was not always working for tiered achievements

Version 1.3.1 

  • Fixed: removed erroneous dependency on XPBar and removed official dependency on FloatText, even if the enhanced popup functionality still relies on it. These changes restore compatibility with XPBar replacements and with AnotherSCT.

Version 1.3

  • New Feature: Show achievement description in the achievement popup panel


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