Accountability Interrupt Tracker

7,763 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 14, 2015 Game Version: API 10

Accountability is a small addon designed to track the cooldown of each party member's interrupts and display a total count of interrupt armor they can break in real-time.  In order for the addon to track interrupts, each party member will need to have the addon installed and enabled.



/acc - toggle the addon interface.

The addon interface should open automatically when joining a group.


Name Colors:

Green - Interrupts available

Red - All interrupts on cooldown

Cyan - No interrupts in LAS

Maroon - Player is dead

Grey - Player is offline

White - Interrupts may be available, but player does not have Accountability installed


Planned Changes:
-Additional tracking for certain abilities (CC breaks, etc.)


Known Issues:

-Incorrectly tracks charged interrupts (T8 Gate, T4 Grapple). A fix is in the works.


Thanks to Allie, who probably did at least half of the work developing this addon.


Special Thanks to Nehza (thekingman100) and Aliette Harkens for doing all the work updating the communications code and the internal interrupt database for Drop 5.


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