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V 0.3:


- Act is now working. I forgot the "file:///" part at all, so it was my mistake, sorry for that.

But you need to know the following:
I WANTED TO ASK THEM FOR THE DEPENDISIS to make their mod working. Its not a mod at all, it's a addon. They made me crazy. Since I devevlope it for free I do not feel necessary to take a long way at all... but...:

First I need to register the forum of act. Ok easy. Nope. I never got a activation code. Well ok I needed to make extra a new email. Ok no point I can do that no problem for me. Well after 2 houres of registration I NEED TO MAKE A THREAD FIRST TO INTRODUCE MYSELF. My main language isn't english, so I tought about first what to write, BUT I CAN NOT WRITE IT ALL, BECAUSE I FIRST NEED to make a NULL-SENSE THREAD AND WAIT HOURS AND HOURS TO BE ACTIVETED TO ASK WHAT I WANT TO ASK!!!!! Finally I gave up it because that need too much of my time. I have NO IDEA WHAT THEY THINK WHO THEY ARE. It was just null sense at all. Nothing else. So I can just say the following: F*** you to take so much of my time for NOTHING.


Edit: Do not understand my wrong: I mean only the ppl of act. I do not mean the friendly ppl wrote comments to my mod.


Web-Browser V2 (Strange-Browser, 0.2) by 7three (ign Yosupai)


What's new in 0.2:
- Various changes (I can't remember all of them)
- Fixed a movement bug while browser is toggled to hidden.
- Ingame Browser Links should work fine now.
There are some glitches sometimes, idk why/how they happen, but you'll need to click the link a 2nd time to get the browser to refresh the right link.
www. without http/https will work too, but only for users using strangeBrowser too.


- About window with some useful infos and the current version of strangeBrowser you use.


- Finally! The WYSIWYG TextBox Maker!


IMPORTANT NOTE: It seems that the outgoing chat text is limited to 1900 characters. Makes absolutely sense for me, since otherwise if there would be no limitations, everyone could spam the chat.
What do that mean for you? It means if your final textbox text is more than 1900 characters, you'll still see all content, BUT ALL OTHER will see only content CUTTED to 1900 characters.
Which means all your text is broken at all, because the format tags will also be counted. There should be also a break at 1024, but I didn't tested that at all. I'm not sure about that but I think you'll be happy with 1900.
So if you get the chat message (in your system chat window, after send your content to chat): "ERROR!!! Your text is more than 1898 characters!!!" means your text is too long at all.
If you get "WARNING!!! Your text is more than 1022 characters!!!" - it means that I'm not sure at all if it affect anyone, but if possible cut your text to less than 1024 characters.
If you don't get any "WARNING" or "ERROR" messages at all, you'll be fine anyway (which should be normal case if you don't add a lot of text/formats).

If you can tell me more about the true dependencies of this, feel free to send a comment at curse, I'll love you for that... 8-)

Well you're very limited of what format you can do, but the limitations are caused of the ingame wrapper, I'm not able to modify this content and I do not know at all what kind of wrapper they use at all.
I did my best to implement as many as possible... maybe there are some possible improvements in the future, but for now I'm at the end of my knowledge...
The fonts in the WYSIWYG Editor are not 100% accurate because the fonts the game uses are not accessible via mod (especially "FLYING NUMBERS" and "3D TEXT").
To keep the file as small as possible and also the cause, that the same font can't be used twice, I did my best to make scaled fonts matching the ingame fonts as much as possible.
At all I suggest you to create a test channel first to see the result without annoying other players (e.g. /chat join test). And read (and try to understand lol) the descriptions I made.


Side note (obsolete): I recently rejoined tsw and noticed the obsolete ingame browser. So I wondered me why nobody made a mod for that and decided to make my own.





Install/Update: Copy/Replace content of .zip file to "\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\"
Uninstall: Delete "WebBrowser.swf" and folder "strangeBrowser" from "\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\"


Install/Update: Copy/Replace content of .zip file to "\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\"
Uninstall: Delete "WebBrowser.swf" and folder "strangeBrowser" from "\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\"


What's new:
- Various little changes (like text selecting in the adress bar)
- Save Position, Size and Toggle (also when enter a new zone)
- Simple Bookmarks
- Set/Save Startpage
- Keep Browser History alive (also when enter a new zone)
- Zoom mode (experimental - maybe useful to view a small-sized homepage like wikipedia)



1: Toggle settings (click again to return to the webpage, mouse wheel to scroll)

2: Toggle zoom (click again to return to normal view)

3: Open your Startpage

4: Go to bookmarks  (click again to return to the webpage, mouse wheel to scroll) - click a url to open it

5: Toggle visibilty of content. Maybe handy if you are running arround.



Hope it work as good as it do on my pc... ;)


Why "Strange"?
Because it's strange that nobody did a mod for this so far. I think it's a handy tool instead of alt + tab.
And also the strange guy who made the source file (sorry for that :P)


gl & hf






Final Destination


First of all: I am a gamer with programmer skills - NOT a programmer with gaming skills.


This update finally made it clear for me what is going wrong with mmos at all. All are dead (eq2 - f2p (the worst of all), rift - f2p, aion - f2p, aoc - f2p, etc.). Dailies, hang into: I need it to do because of reset tomorrow.


Well tsw made it a new way: Relaunch named swl to kill the old good game, ranking in the top of all. I would cry if I got any tears left... I do not. I played all of them.


There was a small hope of with the relaunch of "Camelot Unchained" until I read that:

"C.U.B.E. stands for Camelot Unchained Building Environment, a hybrid online/standalone building game which is being developed as part of Camelot Unchained™. Currently, we are using it to test all aspects of the building system, including destructibility, physics, UI, etc. The system works similarly to the way it was featured on Kickstarter, and should provide a building system in the spirit of games that went before us (including Minecraft™, of course), but that is also distinct from them. C.U.B.E. may be expanded in the future to be a true standalone game if there is demand for it."


You maybe know what happend to eqNext...? The same? True.


I was in the beta too. So belive me I know what I'm talking about.


What to do?

Well as far I told me: There will be better times. A new game will come, I'll be happy than and play it hours and hours. It seems that will never happen at all. My last hope, camelot unchained is gone.


So what do I really need to do?

The only way left. Sacrifice myself. Well I want to play a nice mmo, but I can't because no one develope it. There are 10000000000 ppl thinking exactly the same as me. So the only way is TO DEVELOPE A GAME MYSELF (not only me of course, but Ill lead it). I'll never be able to play the game, because I am the developer. But I can give all the other something back that seems to be lost: A good old fantasy mmo which will stay alive.


And that will be the way:

- Monthly fee, pay it and play it or don't pay and don't play. No shops no other cash systems. Fee. Finito.

- Putting the best of all loosers together: The character class, race, zone depth of a eq2, the RvR of a DAoC, the story depth of a TSL.


You maybe think that are only dreams, but they aren't. You'll see.



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