[SWL] Salt'n'Pepper

589 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 5, 2017

There are currently 3 separated parts of the mod:


  • CleanMails
    • automatically removes Tradepost mails after some time if they are read and contain no attachements
      • Mails about purchases after 6 hours (change with "/setoption CleanMails_Purchases <number>")
      • Mails about sold items after 72 hours (change with "/setoption CleanMails_Sells <number>")
    • automatically takes MoFs from incoming mails
    • automatically sets mails about purchases read
  • ReInvite
    • remembers your last 6 persons you were in group with (change with "/setoption ReInvite_Count <number>")
    • if you click on one of them you invite the person
    • if you right click one of them you start a whispering him/her (added in v1.1)
    • by default the list hides itself after 30 second if in a party or 120 seconds if not. (to disable/enable use "/setoption ReInvite_AutoHide <0|1>") (added in v1.1)
  • TradepostTimer
    • shows a list at the bottom of the Tradepost window with the remaining hours for each item you have listed (changed in v1.1)
    • shows a warning about each expired item when the list updates
    • Note: The mod has to calculate the times itself, so it will start with 72 hours for each item after installed



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