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2.1K Downloads Updated Aug 2, 2014 Created Aug 2, 2014

Simple counter to keep track of ElementalForce.

966 Downloads Updated Nov 17, 2016 Created Sep 2, 2016

Sound alerts before addspawns in eidelon NM

2.3K Downloads Updated Oct 18, 2016 Created Jun 14, 2015

Make minor visual changes to the existing nametags

5.2K Downloads Updated Jul 31, 2013 Created Mar 28, 2013

Makes you able to "lock" your selected Defensive Target, meaning that the selection persists through...

2.3K Downloads Updated Jan 9, 2013 Created Dec 27, 2012

A HUD mod to assist with the timing and rotation of group buffs in groups...

688 Downloads Updated Jun 3, 2015 Created Mar 12, 2015

Cancel NY Buckle buff when at 10 stacks to avoid a bug that will increase...

1K Downloads Created Oct 22, 2015

Auto buff tacos & benefaction tonics

2.6K Downloads Updated Aug 29, 2015 Created Nov 3, 2013

Shows the lockout timers for you and anyone that is the same group as you.

2.8K Downloads Updated May 25, 2016 Created Oct 23, 2015

A target tracking UI mod for The Secret World

7.9K Downloads Created Aug 17, 2012

Automatic need/greed/pass addon