Vampire Info

9,055 Downloads Last Updated: May 19, 2014 Game Version: 1.0

Version 1.41 Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where skill level and xp not correctly displaying after a level up or upgrading the ultimate skill (thx to Enigma for reporting) -> needs further testing, currently I can't test it myself

Version 1.4 Changes:

  • Fixed Bug where cooldown on icon not refreshing while feeding in stage 1
  • Added option to disable the buffname, so you can set the addon to show only the icon as duration timer and the stage you are in (small and simple!)

Version 1.31 Changes:

  • Fixed global funtions "Init" and "round" to be local functions - thx Stormknight for pointing this out
  • Fixed bug that causes refresh on addon to often

Version 1.3 Changes:

  • Fixed Bug where Control not resizing correctly after enable / disable an option
  • packed config to main file
  • code cleanup
  • removed 15 lines of code borrowed from AwesomeInfo by Stormknight by request