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499K Downloads Updated Feb 15, 2017 Created Mar 17, 2014

Slight improvements to the default experience bar that adds current/max experience and always displays the...

286K Downloads Updated Apr 22, 2014 Created Mar 11, 2014

Change the Default UI with a Better One!

130K Downloads Updated Feb 20, 2016 Created Apr 12, 2014

Enhances the interface with additional features and options while maintaining most of the stock look...

53.8K Downloads Updated Apr 24, 2014 Created Apr 10, 2014

Show free slots in bag / money and money in bank

47.4K Downloads Updated Apr 3, 2014 Created Apr 3, 2014

ingame clock1

32.9K Downloads Updated Apr 24, 2014 Created Apr 10, 2014

XP Bar, Stamina, Health and Magicka bars, Average XP per hour, and much more!

55.9K Downloads Updated Nov 13, 2014 Created Mar 17, 2014

Slight modifications to the default attribute bars to add percentages and keep them visible

7.2K Downloads Updated Feb 22, 2016 Created Dec 29, 2015

Keeps lorebooks, bookshelves and paper/notes from showing on screen while still getting credit.

45.5K Downloads Updated Apr 22, 2014 Created Mar 11, 2014

A Better Group Display!

23.7K Downloads Updated Aug 10, 2016 Created Aug 12, 2014

Clock - TST shows you the ingame time and date as a highly customizable string

23.9K Downloads Updated Apr 18, 2014 Created Apr 8, 2014

Lightweight add-on that displays current zone and coordinates

17K Downloads Updated Mar 27, 2014 Created Mar 11, 2014

Display a Better Raid Frame

16.3K Downloads Updated Aug 4, 2014 Created Apr 6, 2014

Show durability of all items equipped on the screen

6.1K Downloads Updated Sep 15, 2014 Created Aug 2, 2014

Bigger Chat Window is a very basic add-on that lets you make your chat window...

6.5K Downloads Updated Nov 6, 2015 Created Nov 6, 2015

Provision's TeamFormation

8.4K Downloads Updated Sep 27, 2015 Created Jun 4, 2015

An Information Bar with more than 35 modules

6K Downloads Updated Apr 9, 2014 Created Apr 9, 2014

A lightweight add-on that displays when skill or attribute points are available.