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45.9K Downloads Updated Apr 3, 2014 Created Apr 3, 2014

ingame clock1

6.7K Downloads Updated Feb 22, 2016 Created Dec 29, 2015

Keeps lorebooks, bookshelves and paper/notes from showing on screen while still getting credit.

7.8K Downloads Updated Jul 7, 2018 Created Jul 1, 2017

Provides details about your characters leveling process.

54.4K Downloads Updated Jun 27, 2014 Created Apr 14, 2014

Displays equipped items when crafting

6.9K Downloads Updated Sep 21, 2017 Created Apr 28, 2015

Traduzione Italiana di Elder Scrolls Online

16K Downloads Updated Aug 4, 2014 Created Apr 6, 2014

Show durability of all items equipped on the screen

7.3K Downloads Updated Aug 5, 2014 Created Apr 28, 2014

The coolest bayesian antispam addon for The Elder Scrolls Online that uses the original SpamBayes...