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This addon displays skyshards on the world map.

In-game configuration is in the SETTINGS -> Addons Settings -> SkyShards.

Slash commands:

/skyshards     Settings menu
/myloc         Prints your current location to the chat
/mylocation    dtto
/mypos         dtto
/myposition    dtto

How to manually install addon

  • Go to the "Elder Scrolls Online" folder in your Documents
For Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\<version>\
For Mac: /Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/<version>/
(replace <version> with the client you're using - "live" or "liveeu")
  • You should find an AddOns folder, if you don't, create one.
  • Extract the addon from downloaded zip file to the AddOns folder
  • Log into the game, and in the character creation screen, you'll find the Addons menu. Enable your addons from there.

Help wanted

I didn't check all skyshard locations in-game, so if you find any missing map pin or pin on the wrong spot, please report it as a bug on my EsoUI portal:

How to report: Switch to "Bug", select "SkyShards" interface, enter any title and to the description write which pin is on wrong spot and its correct position on the map.

If you want to get skyshard location, move as close as possible to that skyshard and type "/myloc". This command reports current location of your character to chat.

"Auridon: 70.81,82.92 (auridon/auridon_base)"

Pin name is on the tooltip.

"     Auridon Skyshards      "
"(2) Adorns Valano’s terrace."
"        [collected]         "

So the bug report will be:
move Auridon Skyshards (2) to Auridon: 70.81,82.92
missing pin: The Cave of Trophies: 30.00,30.00
remove pin: Malabal Tor Skyshards (5) at Vulkwasten: 45.00,24.00

Skyshards data are collected from:

This addon uses the following libraries:


  • Fix issue that sometimes tooltips does not show all texts.
  • Create better tooltips


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