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v2.0 - Added color indicator for quantity label and key bind label if item quantity is 0. - Prevent key labels showing 0 on empty slots. - Fixed and improved auto-hide behavior. Can now use and click in "mouse mode" if not in UI menus or conversation. - Revamped settings menu with subheaders, a dash of color and sliders for numeric inputs. - Added feature and setting to disable default quick slot action button provided by the game. - Added feature and setting to control the opacity/translucency of slot items that are not currently selected.

v1.9 - Can display item quantity and set position (horizontal and vertical) relative to quick slot items. - Can force quick bar to show via a hotkey. This overrides all your other settings until its turned off by pressing the key again.

v1.8 - Can resize expanded bar to display as grids or purely vertical/horizontal strips (default). This also lets you only show a limited number of quick slots if you so desire. - Keybinds to move to previous item or next item. Intelligently skips empty slots. - Added auto-hide feature when in combat. - More positioning options for keybind display label. - Shows currently selected quick slot item with a colored label and all others with some translucency. - Can now adjust the size of the quick slot items. - Added ability to lock UI to prevent resizing or moving.

v1.7 - Updated the LAM addon, even though I don't benefit from the changes, its the right thing to do since other addons might source it via LibStub.

v1.6 - Key bind display and position (above/middle/below) for each quick slot item!

v1.5 - Now properly redraws the quick bar after wayshrining and traveling to player.

v1.4 - Ability to turn on/off the base background for the expanded quick slot bar. - Added a new background to each quick slot item + settings to toggle this. - Added visual cues based on two values (warnings, default 10 and errors, default 2) + settings to toggle and set these values. - Added smart visual cue toggle that shows visual cues only when there's something to report. - Can now move UI with and without background enabled and by clicking and dragging all areas around the slot items. - New border graphic added to match ability bar. - Settings now saved across characters! - Better default settings.

v1.3 - Added toggle-able auto-hide feature that hides when in UI mode. Can still reposition in settings screen or with auto-hide off.

v1.2 - Fixed issue where you may not be able to move window after turning on/off show numbers via settings

v1.1 - Added reset button to settings in case the UI gets stuck somewhere - Fixed some workflow issues in save functionality - Untested (French client users please help!) fix for different language clients

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