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122K Downloads Updated Feb 20, 2016 Created Apr 12, 2014

Enhances the interface with additional features and options while maintaining most of the stock look...

26.7K Downloads Updated May 4, 2015 Created May 31, 2014

Enchant Maker helps you make the enchants you want.

31.8K Downloads Updated Apr 24, 2014 Created Apr 10, 2014

XP Bar, Stamina, Health and Magicka bars, Average XP per hour, and much more!

9.5K Downloads Updated Sep 10, 2017 Created Jun 12, 2017

This addon will allow you to SAVE and EQUIP skill sets. Look and feel integrates...

53.1K Downloads Updated May 11, 2014 Created Apr 21, 2014

An expanded quick slot bar that shows all quick slot items and allows you to...

6.5K Downloads Updated Feb 22, 2016 Created Dec 29, 2015

Keeps lorebooks, bookshelves and paper/notes from showing on screen while still getting credit.

14.8K Downloads Updated Jun 15, 2014 Created Apr 22, 2014

Displays on screen your current Vampirism stage and how long before you progress to the...

22.4K Downloads Updated Apr 21, 2014 Created Apr 21, 2014

Archangel XP

18.3K Downloads Updated Apr 21, 2014 Created Apr 16, 2014

Show the time to wait before you can use the skill again

1.8K Downloads Updated May 5, 2014 Created May 5, 2014

Sample app to help new developers get started

8.9K Downloads Updated Aug 3, 2014 Created Mar 21, 2014

Pinnacle Profile and UI Addon for Xbox 360/One Controller optimization

10.9K Downloads Updated Apr 13, 2014 Created Apr 10, 2014

A simple XP bar to track XP per hour, average XP.

2.7K Downloads Updated Dec 15, 2016 Created Dec 15, 2016


1.8K Downloads Updated Aug 23, 2014 Created Aug 23, 2014

GameInfo eXtended is a tweak on top of Game Information adding bank slots and tweaks...