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This little mod changes the start of any terraria journey, changing the way you get/use wood.
(Search for on in the Tmodloader mod searcher)

1- Trees give you Big Wood Log and Wood Sticks

2- With those items you make your first Work Bench

3- On the Work Bench you can turn your Wood Sticks into Wood or Living Wood Platform

4- On a Saw Mill you can turn your Big Wood Log into wood

And... There are ways to turn your regular wood into the different kinds of wood, using some biome specific drops (the snow biome and the ocean biome use an item from the opposite one for balance purposes) on Heavy Work Bench.

Check out my video about it! https://youtu.be/JuvJkvodnBY?si=FXotoaC8JSoEeNU_

*This mod does not affect the pool of items being dropped when just hitting a tree, so you are still getting random critters, fruits and ocassionally vanilla trees wood when hitting without destroying it.
*You still get accorns when destroying trees, with fewer chances