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Hello everyone, me and Lemuria made this map a long while ago for a Terraria minigame server, but I figured, why not share it on the forums as well for those of you who like to parkour, but do not visit minigame servers.
Though this map differs slightly in some ways from the one hosted on the minigame server, because they thought it was too hard and nerfed it for some reason.

This map is inspired by the worldtree Yggdrasil from Norse mythology.
It features the use of the following accessories: Tabi, Tiger Climbing Gear, Blizzard in a Bottle, Tsunami in a Bottle, Shiny stone.

The goal is to make your way through the tree to the very top.

--------------------------- Info ------------------------------

I strongly advise using the external server located in your Terraria game folder to be able to change the time to day, as vision outside the tree is very limited during the night.
To do this, simply go to your Terraria folder (Steam\SteamApps\common\Terraria), open "Start-server.bat" and follow the instructions.
Then, in Terraria, simply go to Multiplayer > Join IP > IP, port: 7777 (default)
To change the time to day, simply type "dawn" or "noon" in the server console.

------------------------- Rules -------------------------------

- Make a new character
- Delete your starting gear
- Pick up the items from the chest
- Try not to break too many vines with the sword, if it's not necesary. It ruins the atmosphere

Good luck, enjoy the map and try to find the secret! :)


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