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After giving up on this map deeming it as a failure, i discovered how many downloads it got over the past year and few months. With the hopes of patch 1.2 coming out in the near future I have decided that I will revive working on this map. I have no idea when it will be finished but I hope to actually create a full map and story. Any feedback would be appreciated and thanks to all of those who downloaded the map.

BETA IS RELEASED! As you wake up, it is your first day of wizard school; you must pack up your things and head to the castle. But as you will soon find out, things are not quite as they seem. The front door is locked; things have gone terribly terribly wrong. This map takes place on a small map and hard core is enabled so traveling at night can be a little hazardous although you get decent enough gear fairly early on that makes it survivable. My goal with this map was not to make it so impossible that people are tempted to cheat or all out rage quite (idk about you but I reach that level fairly fast). No I wanted to make one that was fun and involved a bit more exploring and thinking. Hopefully you enjoy the map and are able to save the day.


1.) You may only break glass and mine obsidian.

2.) You must dump all starting items at the beginning.

3.) When you receive your "wand", only use it when you are stuck or the situation calls for it. If a sign says there is nothing more, there is probably nothing more.

4.) Have fun and explore! there are hidden chest throughout the world and they are often found through an extra puzzle or looking around.

When released, please give feedback on the map so I am able to improve it


There are four dungeons in the current map. The first one you encounter is simply a castle that you must get through. The second is corruption/Hell, third "dungeon", and finally fourth is hallowed. None of them have super hard fighting but still not easy.