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This is a simple world pack wich gives the player the ability to "skip" the boring and/or stupid parts of the game, it comes with 3 worlds, a small one, a medium one and a large one, in each of theese worlds is a small house with a bed and 3 chests, a wooden one, a golden one and a shadow chest. The rules are simple: -You can open the wooden chest from the begining of the game, it has a buncha things that will add up to the early game experience. -The golden chest should only be opened once the player has reached the silver tier or higher. -The shadow chest is meant to be opened once the player has defeated skeletron. All the chests contain items that most people find when its too late (when they no longer need them), so the main goal of this world pack is to give the player the ability to play the game more smoothly and have more fun by skiping the boring parts. I was carefull enough not to place items wich would overpower the player, but I might have done something wrong, if I did mess up, I apologise. This is my very first try at making maps and any constructive critisism and sugestions are welcome. This is really just a little experiment, but if you guys like it I can try and make a better one. Have fun :)