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Hi everyone,


Just a portal map I have been designing for terraria 1.3.0.

I wanted to create a full length portal game that was challenging to advanced portal players but also encompasses the true Portal experience. I also tried to explore the various ways I could combine the features of terraria with the portal gun which led to some interesting results.


Starting guidelines:

-Use a new character.

-Try to follow the unpainted "brown" signs in the map (this will make sense once you start playing).

-It's useful to save a copy of the map in case the first breaks.



Please have a go if you're interested and if you like it, feel free to share it. I hope you enjoy!




Shout outs:

Valve - Portal and Portal 2

Re-Logic - Terraria

FuryForged (youtube) for let's playing the map. Thank you!


TORPAL Hints - I have made a list of hints for this map to aid in finding a few secrets!

While I will try to remain spoiler free, some areas I may have to give away in order to talk about them. Hope this helps for those of you who want to explore my map further.

Thanks again for downloading and playing my map, I really appreciate it!


Skyerus :)


*Also, I would LOVE to see peoples playthroughs of this map!




Starting the map

1. Your character starts in the holding room with seemingly no way to escape.
There is a small pressure plate on the floor of the room that activates a timer to de-actuate the door.


Choice of difficulty
The map was originally designed to be played at a Hard difficulty. Additional items were added for Normal and Easy mode to slightly decrease the difficulty, however, some rooms will still be difficulty to complete - but you can still just break any rooms with a pickaxe ;P

The items of each difficulty are as follows:


Easy: Mining Helmet, 5x Life Crystal, Shiny Red Balloon, Obsidian Rose, Charm of Myths, Diving Helmet, Lucky Horseshoe, 50x Greater Healing Potions, Ice Rod


Normal: Vanity, Charm of Myths, Lucky Horseshoe, 50x Healing Potions


Hard: Vanity, Band of Regeneration, 25x Lesser Healing Potion


Shadow: 10x Regeneration Potion, Shadow Key



*Also the rule restricting the use of Ctrl on switches is for promoting alternate solutions to some puzzles. Instead of quickly passing past a switch, it is entirely possible to hit the switch (with relative ease) using another method ;)


YELLOW Chamber
Not much to say here. Simple tutorial talks you through some techniques necessary for the map and is then a straightforward path to the end where you obtain the Binoculars.

Only difficulty may be with escaping the chamber. You enter back into the water-filler area with a small hole opened with the final lever. Afterwards, shoot a portal directly upwards and it will take you to the top of the long fall.

Two methods:
1. Quickly shoot a portal at the top (on the door on right or into the left room) to escape and then use the door switch to open the right-most door and portal across.

2. (RECOMMENDED) Stand on bottom of water area and shoot a portal directly above and below you. Then when falling, shoot the top portal on the ground next to the other portal. Then hit the switch at the apex of the jump. Resume door shenannigans.


Main Chamber
Lever is in the centre-top of the room. This can be reached by using the diagonals at the top left and right of the room. Place portal on wall below them to access them and then place one on the surface and one on the lower floor. Then jump in!



BLUE Chamber
First sections are pretty straighforward - just more difficult with the actuating blocks. Companion slime puzzles are mainly done with pressure plates and levers to actuate blocks for the slime.

The room just before the third checkpoint, is likely the most difficult to figure out as the pressure plates reset the puzzle after activated.

1. Set a portal on top right above entrance
2. Set one on floor below next to wall
3. Jump in and shoot portal on right wall making a loop
4. Then while in the loop, activate the switch when slime is in a good place
5. Wait for slime to travel up the steps. This unfortunately takes a while as the slime AI can be quite erratic
However, if you hit the right wall and slide down before entering the portal, you'll spend most time there to hopefully draw it up the steps. Sorry! xD


Probably the most difficult to find. After the third checkpoint, go into the slimes section of the puzzle where a hole in the wall can be seen. Portal through.



RED Chamber
The ending of the 'second' room may be slightly tricky.

1. After reaching the top left platform, shoot a portal backwards onto the U-shaped platform
2. The drop down into the right water and shoot second portal on floor
3. Go through and then jump over until standing on the point on the left
4. Move first portal to raised floor and jump in. This will hopefully give enough height to shoot you to the end of the room


As secrets only unlock in Hard and Shadow difficulty (no Lucky Horseshoe), you'll need to shoot portals on the walls and pass through them gradually moving them down to descend. On the right wall, there is a small opening that you can either shoot a portal in or land on. Careful about fall damage though!


GREEN Chamber
First room of this chamber is simple, shoot over and hit the switch on turret to deactivate it.

This one is probably the easiest to miss as it is hidden off-screen. Go back through the first room and Binoculars up (possibly while jumping) to see a small opening in the roof. Try to line it up and shoot a portal through.


PURPLE Chamber
Straightforward chamber (was the first that I designed, can you tell? xD).

Just after the large spike room, to the right of the pool of water, a tunnel opens at Hard and Shadow difficulty.

The only notable room that may be difficult to solve is the final room with the bouncy pink slime blocks. It just needs the right combination of portals - get on entrance platform and shoot a portal on slanted tiles above. Then shoot the second on floor below and jump in. WOOOO!


SILVER Chamber
The hardest chambers to do and even more of a pain to design xD.

Just like the original Portal Game with the fire pit and all that <3 you can escape into an area above. Shoot a portal into the top left opening.


FINAL Chamber
I wanted an epic climax for this map so this was my attempt at it! I have tried it a good few times and it was quite difficult so I removed it from Normal and Easy difficulties. I wont spoil anything here but good luck and have fun!


HIDDEN Chambers
There is a secret area for those who completed SHADOW difficulty. As told in the starting sign, there is a shrine (hint: Secret Sword Shrine) after you complete the map that you can portal down into.


Also note that the map still renders itself unplayable during these chambers - however your character will keep its current checkpoint when loading the map file again.

In the room with the Alchemy Stations (also has LOG 24) navigate up above the lava tanks and go left.


Ending and Thanks
Well, thats it for the hints of the map (so far). I may have missed something since I designed this so please don't hesitate to comment on the Curseforge page to let me know if you would like anything else explained.

I really hope you enjoyed this map - I tried to design it to be quite difficult and use almost all the portal gun techniques I knew so that players would have a true challenge (like the Portal games :D). Also, I would absolutely LOVE to see peoples playthroughs of this map!

Thanks again!





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