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WARNING!!! This map is still in beta and is currently a WIP. If you find an issue or need help, be sure to join our Discord server to get help.


Tomb of the Acolyte is a huge adventure map that consists of puzzles, platforming and combat in our huge custom made world for you to enjoy with up to 3 of your friends! Explore massive crypts and dungeons shrouded with lore and mystery as you slowly piece together what really happened all of those years ago in this sequel to Down into the Dungeon as you attempt to halt the antagonist's plot to revive the king of monsters and rule the world. (Link down below for Down into The Dungeon.) With currently +5 hours of play time, there is much you can do while you wait for future betas. For those of you interested, you may get access to map alphas and check out our other projects on the discord server.


As with any adventure map, there are some rules which must be followed in order to fully enjoy the map, and we will mention those here.


(1) Throw away all starting items. (Except for the pickaxe in case of emergency.)

(2) Do not take any accessories or armor that the mannequins wear. These are meant to be NPCs.

(3) This map is to be played with softcore characters only.

(4) Do not buy from NPCs with the exception being the nurse.

(5) No explosives or building unless stated so. (You may build in designated spots such as at the end of Dungeon 1.)

(6) Use new characters only.

(7) Read all signs.

(8) Generally avoid smashing pots.


I hope you enjoy! Remember, this is a WIP and we encourage you to join the Discord server to download alphas and other projects. We will also be having a trailer out soon so keep your heads up for that. Have a great time and let me know your experience either on the server or down in the comments!


Down into the Dungeon:



Discord Server: